Teachers’ Sense of Efficacy Scale (TSES)

Three moderately correlated factors have been consistently found in the Teachers’ Sense of Efficacy Scale (TSES). These are teachers’ efficacy in: Student Engagement, Instructional Practices, and Classroom Management. The authors note that “With pre-service teachers we recommend that the full 24-item scale (or 12-item short form) be used, because the factor structure often is less distinct for these respondents.” The survey has the reader answer from 1 (nothing) – 9 (a great deal). The Teachers’ Sense of Efficacy Scale is designed to see what creates the most difficulties for teachers in daily school activities.

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Megan Tschannen-Moran, College of William and Mary

Anita Woolfolk Hoy, the Ohio State University

Reliability and Validity information and Obtaining the TSES

 Long Form alphaShort Form alpha

The Teachers’ Sense of Efficacy Scale is considered a reliable and valid instrument. Raking from moderate to highly reliable for both the short and long form of the Teachers’ Sense of Efficacy Scale.

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Administration, Analysis and Reporting

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Tschannen-Moran, M., & Woolfolk Hoy, A. (2001). Teacher efficacy: Capturing and elusive construct. Teaching and Teacher Education, 17, 783-805.