Self-Compassion Scale – Short Form (SCS-SF)

The Self-Compassion Scale examines the relation of self-compassion to positive psychological health and the five factor model of personality. Self-compassion involves being kind toward oneself in instances of pain or failure; perceiving one’s experiences as part of the larger experience; and holding painful thoughts and feelings in balanced awareness.  Self-compassion can predict significant variance in positive psychological health beyond that attributable to personality and is designed to measure an individual’s level of self-compassion.  Questions are rated on a Likert scale from 1 (almost never) to 5 (almost always) with the total score derived by adding the means of each subscale together.  The 6 subscales measure an individual’s level of self-kindness, self-judgement, common humanity,  isolation,  mindfulness and over-identification.

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Raes, F., Pommier, E., Neff,K. D., & Van Gucht, D. (in press). Construction and factorial validation of a short form of the Self-Compassion Scale.  Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy.