Self Assessment Quiz for Alcohol Use

There are different types of alcoholism that go far beyond an alcoholic who drinks every day. For example, binge drinking is just as dangerous for your body, but involves typically drinking to excess only once in a while, rather than every day. Also, there are functioning alcoholics who manage to maintain a considerably ‘normal’ life and hold down a regular job, while still turning to alcohol as a way to cope. The issue is the person’s reliability on alcohol, rather than how often they rely on it.

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Reliability and Validity

The MAST or Michigan Alcohol Screen Test had 12 studies that met standards for inclusion. Inconsistency occurred in these studies that showed that the MAST tended to over-diagnose. The reliability of shorter versions is much lower than the longer versions of the survey. First studied in 2000 and then again in 2007, the AUDIT or Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test has been shown to be valid and reliable.

Administration, Analysis and Reporting

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