Jackson Personality Inventory- Revised (JPI-R)

The Jackson Personality Inventory-Revised (JPI-R) is a measure of personality. The Jackson Personality Inventory- Revised determines important characteristics such as leadership, discipline, dependability, and the ability to make a good impression on others. The Jackson Personality Inventory-Revised provides an assessment of personality and demonstrates a variety of cognitive, social and value orientations, which affect an individual’s functioning. The JPI-R can be used in counseling and clinical settings, business and industrial settings, and for psychological research.

The test contains 300 true/false statements and has 15 scales. It takes about 45 minutes to complete. The test can be administered in English or French and is appropriate for ages 16 and over.

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Douglas N. Jackson, Sigma Assessment Systems, Inc.

Sample of Instrument:

Basic Report Sample

Reliability of Scale(s):

In two studies testing the median internal consistency reliabilities of the JPI-R the results were .90 and .93. Correlations indicated that the subscales correlate higher on average with their own score than any of the total scores of the other 14 subscales.

Validity of Scale(s):

Several studies have been conducted in the past that demonstrate the validity and broad capabilities and applications of the JPI-R. Hundreds of correlations of JPI-R subscales with varying criteria, ranging from relationships with dimensions of executive performances to occupational preferences, support the validity of the JPI-R. In addition, correlations between the JPI-R and several well-known measures of personality provide evidence of convergent and discriminant validity.

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