Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals (CELF)

The Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals (CELF) is an instrument for identifying and diagnosing disorders in language performance. The most recent version of the instrument is the fourth edition, CELF-4. This edition is structured around four levels of assessment: language disorder, nature of disorder, behaviors of the disorder, and how the disorder effects classroom performance.

There are four Core tests to determine the deficit; additional sub-tests determine strengths and weaknesses, and supplemental sub-tests for clinical skills. The Observational Rating Scale and Pragmatics Profile allow for descriptive measures of language performance at school and at home.

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Eleanor Semel, Elisabeth H. Wig, and Wayne Secord.

Reliability and Validity

The test-retest reliability average ranged from .70 to .90 for each subscale. The mean internal consistency had an alpha score of .69 to .91. The CELF showed high correlation rating with similar instruments, but low scores particularly with LLD samples. Data provided based on inter-correlational studies, factor analytic studies and response processes.

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Administration, Analysis and Reporting

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