Alcohol Use Inventory (AUI)

Developed for the evaluation of the nature and issues with alcohol use by John L. Horn, Kenneth W. Wanberg, and F. Mark Foster, the Alcohol Use Inventory (AUI) is a norm in testing alcohol patterns. Twenty four scales are part of the AUI structure to investigating behavior, attitudes, and symptoms from alcohol use of individuals 16 or older.  Such professionals as psychologists, social workers, chemical dependency counselors, and physicians use the AUI test for a number of reasons:  identifying traits of alcohol abuse, obtaining objective treatments, and for planning specifically geared towards that individual.

Included in the AUI test are 228 items that can be administered on the computer or paper-and-pencil format. A completion time of 35-60 minutes is necessary.

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John L. Horn, Kenneth W. Wanberg, F. Mark Foster.

Obtaining the Alcohol Use Inventory

University of Kentucky

Administration, Analysis and Reporting

Statistics Solutions consists of a team of professional methodologists and statisticians that can assist the student or professional researcher in administering the survey instrument, collecting the data, conducting the analyses and explaining the results.

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