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We love listening to our clients and then incorporating that feedback! So, a few years ago, we got the message: Researchers like easy-to-find, and easy-to-use, research analysis tools and templates.

Now, Statistics Solutions lets you sign up for free access to all the tools that our experts use to get things started with each of our clients. This includes everything from data analysis plan templates to dissertation and thesis templates to our sample size calculator – and more – all for free!

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Directory of Statistical Analyses

This directory provides researchers with a near-exhaustive array of inferential and non-inferential statistical analyses. We aim to cover the most commonly used analyses in academic research, especially focusing on the social sciences and healthcare fields.

For any given statistical analysis, we provide you with an easy-to-follow description of the analysis, a discussion of any assumptions, and an explanation of how you can conduct the analysis in our software – Intellectus Statistics™ – and even, dare we say, SPSS.

We also explain how to identify which statistics are important, how you should interpret certain statistics, and the relevant tables and figures to include upon completion.

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Directory of Survey Instruments

Similarly to our Directory of Statistical Analyses, our team has compiled a directory comprising all of the survey instruments that researchers frequently use. Each survey instrument includes a description of the instrument, references, as well as a link to purchase the instrument directly from its author.

Given how many survey instruments we have aggregated for you, we went ahead and created categories (e.g., Emotional Intelligence vs. Leadership instruments), so feel free to explore. Please note that these categories were created by Statistics Solutions and not by the authors directly.

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Every month a member of the Statistics Solutions Team presents a free webinar for all of our graduate students! The webinars are always interactive, so be sure to come with your questions ready. We cover a wide range of topics from research question development, how-to sessions on all areas of the dissertation, to open forum Q&A sessions.

Check out our webinar archive to watch previous webinars, and register for upcoming sessions too. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Intellectus Statistics Software

Intellectus Statistics is our proprietary statistics package that generates an accurate and reliable, APA 7th-edition, quantitative results document, in natural language.

It perfectly serves the statistical needs of any discipline, and applied programs—such as education and nursing—find the easily interpretable statistical results of particular use given the programs’ focus on real-world skills and analysis.

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