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Welcome, 2020! What are you going to do with this shiny, new decade? Will you complete your dissertation this year, or will you struggle for the next few years while you burnyourself out? Here are some tips on how to avoid the latter.

Inside Higher ED says setting deadlines early in the dissertation process is imperative to sustaining long-term motivation but making sure those deadlines are doable and flexible is key. Ask for feedback early on because the sooner you communicate with your committee about your work, the smoother collaboration and editing will be. Finally, remember that your dissertation is your work and you are the expert but it’s crucial to find out what your committee wants and expects from your work so open lines of communication are critical.

Before you dive into your dissertation this year, ask yourself how your journey can improve. What would help you complete your dissertation and how can you make that happen? The journey to completing your degree starts today, with the help of our dedicated team of dissertation experts.

What is dissertation assistance?

Dissertation assistance comes in the form of keeping you engaged and motivated to write with the backing and assistance of a mentor. Not only will our mentors help shape your chapter(s) until they’re submission-ready, but they will also help you address feedback so you can rest assured that there won’t be any surprise roadblocks along the way.

How do I get dissertation assistance?

The first step to getting dissertation assistance is to schedule your free initial dissertation consultation. During our call, we’ll discuss your project needs, talk about turn-around times, and project assistance cost. Scheduling your appointment is quick and easy! Simply select a date and time using the calendar to your right to reserve your spot.


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