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Dissertation consultants provide assistance, guidance, and mentorship to anyone who is working on his or her dissertation.  This  assistance, guidance, and mentorship can be invaluable to any student who is working on their dissertation as the dissertation is the most challenging aspect of a student’s career.  Dissertation consultants, therefore, are the best way to get help.

Statistics Solutions is the country’s leading dissertation consultant specializing in research methodology, dissertation statistics, APA style editing, and more.  Contact Statistics Solutions today for a free 30-minute consultation.

Dissertation consultants help students with multiple aspects of the dissertation.  Once the actual topic is chosen, the consultant can help a student phrase that topic so that it makes sense statistically.  While students know what it is they want to study, they stumble when it comes to phrasing it correctly.

Once the topic has phrased appropriately, dissertation consultants can help students when it comes to the best method(s) to do the research.  The consultants can get to work on the actual dissertation.  This involves much time spent on the statistics part of the dissertation.  All dissertations contain statistics, and this is where the dissertation consultants can be most beneficial.  They are experts when it comes to statistics, as many are statisticians.  Additionally, many dissertation consultants have received their doctoral degrees and are very familiar with the stress and anxiety that students feel as they write their dissertations.  Thus, they know exactly what the student is going through, and can relieve some of this stress and worry.

Dissertation consultants will help with the statistical portions of the dissertation.  This means that dissertation consultants will help with the data analysis plan, analysis and interpretation of the collected data, and your understanding of what the results mean.  In other words, dissertation consultants will take the student through every single part of the statistical work successfully and accurately. Additionally, dissertation consultants will provide a defense preparation.  This is extremely important as all students will have to defend their dissertation.

With the help of dissertation consultants, students can finish on-time and with success.  There is absolutely no better way to work on a dissertation than with a dissertation consultant by the student’s side.

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