Creating a fact sheet to obtain participation in a study

Quantitative Methodology

Potential study participants need to know a series of information to decide if they would like to participate in your research. In creating a fact sheet to obtain participation in a study, some things they will need to know will include dates that the survey can be completed, how to gain access to the survey, what the study is about, if participation in the study is voluntary or mandatory, how long the survey will take, if there are restrictions as to who can participate, and if participants will remain anonymous or confidential.

In order to take part in a survey, potential participants will need to know how to access your survey as well as when the survey can be accessed. The researcher should inform the reader using information such as: The survey will be available Monday, March 18, 2013 – Monday, April 22, 2013. To take part in the survey you will need internet access. The following link will direct you to the survey: Another option is that the researcher will email the potential participants the link to the survey.

Prior to participating in the survey, the candidates will want to know what the research is about. Let them know who you are and describe what the aim of the study is. Provide insight into what you hope to achieve with the data that is collected. Let the potential participant know if the survey contains material that may be sensitive. Also, inform them of any inclusion criteria they must meet to participate in the survey. Inform them if participation in the study is mandatory or voluntary.

It is also helpful to inform the participant of how long the survey will take and if there is more than one round of surveys to complete. Providing the potential participant with accurate estimates of how long the survey will take will possibly decrease the likelihood of participant drop out. If the researcher grossly underestimates how long the survey will take, the participants will be less likely to complete the entire survey. The researcher should also inform the participant if the information will be anonymous, confidential, or available.

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