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In this blog, I will provide a brief rundown of the benefits of using Computer-Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS) to help you during the qualitative data analysis process. Here is a list of functions that CAQDAS provides to qualitative researchers. It helps you:

  • Organize your qualitative data
  • Manage your qualitative data
  • Create memos identifying your initial thoughts and feels about the interview itself
  • Assign codes to your qualitative data
  • Combine and assemble codes under a category or theme
  • Generate word frequency searches
  • Create mind maps to organize your thoughts
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Now, these are very basic functions that most CAQDASs use. Below is a list of some of the most popular CAQDASs that qualitative researchers have used in previous studies:

The above listed software packages each offer unique functions and features. I suggest you take the time to explore the features of each program to find what one works best for you. Overall, I recommend using a CAQDAS because it helps you organize and manage your robust qualitative data. Say for instance you have interviews, archival documents, and participant observations. Qualitative data analysis software will allow you to upload these documents into to new project, which you can title at your discretion, to begin your data analysis plan. Once you upload your qualitative data, you can begin the coding process based on how you described it in your methodology. Finally. it helps to watch a tutorial about the specific qualitative data analysis software you will use for the research study so that you can become more familiar with the functions.

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