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It’s a funny thing.  Everyone wants to feel successful, confident, loved, and powerful.  Do you, however, stop and think about when you feel these ways?  Perhaps not.  We’re often so busy being and doing that we may not realize that we have.  For our own self-worth, it’s important to stop and recognize when we’ve reached these feeling and cognitive states.  While it’s interesting to identify when you feel successful, confident, and loved by others, I think it’s more important when you identify that you can act in ways that make you feel these ways.  So, here are three questions:

To feel successful, I __________________________________.

To feel confident, I ___________________________________.

To feel loved, I ______________________________________.

To feel powerful, I ____________________________________.

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What I know for sure is that when I define what success, confidence, love, and power look like for me, they will occur much more frequently and I’ll recognize them more too, because I have the power to create those feelings.

Body posture can affect your feelings of confidence as well.  Touching your neck or face, folding your arms, and leaning back can all suggest anxiety, stress, defensiveness, and a lack of control.  However, leaning forward with open limbs can lead to lower stress levels and convey power (Power poses’ that will boost your career).  Amy Cuddy has a great talk on body language (body language shapes who you are) as she shows her own experience growing into who she really is.

The world needs clear, powerful people. When you walk through the world feeling successful, confident, loved, and powerful – you will be the power the world needs.

James Lani, PhD