Capella Research Plan Section 5.7: Data Collection – Sampling Procedures

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In Section 5.7 of the Capella Research Plan (RP) for quantitative studies, you are required to describe how you plan to recruit your sample. Remember that in all of your procedures sections your goal is to provide the level of detail necessary for future researchers to replicate your study. Organizing your procedures into bullet form is a terrific first step. This can help you as you develop your final draft.

Section 5.7 should begin with a description of participant recruitment. Be sure to identify the recruitment site and include any site permissions that are necessary. These should be referenced within section 5.7 and included in the appendix. Next, detail how you plan to connect with participants. This can include emails, flyers, or any other communication with potential participants. If you are using email to connect participants, indicate who has to provide permission to distribute emails, how you will gain access to email addresses, and who will distribute the email. If you are posting flyers, identify where the flyers will be located and who has to provide approval to post the flyer. The key here – as in other sections – is to provide as much detail as possible.

From there you will identify how participants will notify you of their interest and how you will ensure that they meet your study’s inclusion criteria. Will they email you to let you know they are interested? Or will they go directly to a survey and complete a screening questionnaire before accessing the survey? Provide sufficient detail so that there are no questions regarding how participants will connect with you, if applicable, and how you will ensure they meet your inclusion criteria.

If you find yourself still in a bind and struggling with your RP, you can always connect with one of our experienced mentors at Statistics Solutions to help you tackle this milestone in your doctoral journey!

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