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We’ve often talked about how isolating the dissertation process can be, how difficult it can be to gain motivation throughout the process, and how lining up dissertation backup to feel supported and encouraged is paramount. This month, it’s time to recognize and accept how time-consuming the writing process is and how breaking through writers’ block is all about consistency.

Writing is time-consuming

Let’s start by stressing how time-consuming writing a dissertation can be; it takes months if not years to complete the entire dissertation. So, why wait until the last minute to start a chapter that is due within days? Stay ahead of the game by mapping out approaching deadlines and making plans to adhere to a writing schedule that will keep you ahead of your due dates. Breaking up big chapter deadlines by creating smaller, attainable goals can help you climb each seemingly insurmountable dissertation goal – no matter how large!

Breaking through writers’ block

Write, write, and write! The best way to break through writers’ block is to keep writing, even when you don’t feel like it. Every day, spend at least 20 minutes writing and then edit and revise. Keep what works and dump what doesn’t. It’s okay if you end up writing multiple drafts of the same chapter, the goal is to get into the flow of writing and to develop a pattern of producing dissertation writing daily.

The goal with these exercises is not to waste time, but to create healthy habits that allow you to stay on track to graduate in the least amount of time possible. So, if you’re spending too much time rewriting chapter 2 (or any chapter), ask for help! If you’ve received feedback and you’re cutting it close with an impossible deadline, ask for help! And if you don’t know where to find help, click here to schedule your free initial dissertation consultation for directions on how to expedite your journey towards graduation.

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