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david viscott quoteMy friend, the late David Viscott, has said that the baby looking out of their crib is the same person 80 years from now with eyes looking out of their death bed. We’re always the same person. If you are insecure and then get married, you’ll be a married insecure person. Who we are doesn’t change. The hero’s journey is developing that person who is aware of those shadow aspects, but, essentially, is becoming more and more of that person they were intended to be.

I’m impressed with Elon Musk’s vision. He wants to build a colony on Mars, plans to build the largest lithium ion battery plant on earth in Nevada, build electric cars (Tesla), and provide the means to take trips into space (Space X). He has a mission to save the planet and holds that as one of his highest values. All of his business aspirations and activities flow from that mission.

The mythologist Joseph Campbell spoke of “following your bliss,” and offered some advice. He said “for an hour each day, just do what you want to do. Don’t think about who you owe and who owes you, what your responsibilities are, and so on.” If you want to listen to corny music, then great, don’t worry about what other people think. Do what pleases your soul. Twenty years ago, I did just this. Every day while walking to school, I listened to Sting’s “Nothing like the Sun.” Then one day, I had this peak experience. All the trees I had walked past for years were suddenly lined up, and a sense of peace and purpose and me in this life all made sense. I knew I was in the right place. My purpose was to secure an education. That education at CSULB resides in me every day and sparked the business operation I now run. It was true for me and I know it can be true for you.

As our life travels down our road, take time to get grounded, do what fills you heart, take time to contemplate, dream and act in your own best interest. Be audacious, you and the world will be glad you did.

Warm Wishes,


James Lani, Ph.D

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