Assigning Self-Value to Your Dissertation

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How often do you reflect on your accomplishments and then applaud your dedication and hard work?  If your answer was ‘not often,’ you are extinguishing your own light! Assigning yourself and your efforts value, especially during the dissertation process, is critical for sustained success and continued motivation. Self-value is more behavioral than emotional, meaning it is more about how you act towards something you care about (including yourself) versus how you feel about it or yourself when compared to others.

Valuing something goes beyond assigning importance to it, it is also about appreciating its qualities by investing your time, money, effort, and energy into its maintenance. For example, you value your dissertation, it is important to you, so you invest your time, tuition money, topic knowledge, and energy into each chapter. By doing this you are placing value onto your dissertation and you are changing your behavior towards it to become productive and efficient. When you begin to manifest self-value, you begin to focus more on your accomplishments and the beautiful parts of your life, instead of zeroing in on the cracks that may be visible only to you. And since self-value is more behavioral, you will see that your actions begin to shift you into positive advancement.

This June, take a moment out of your day each week to write a short list of the attributes you value most about yourself, your work, or your personal life. Keep those items top of mind throughout the week and practice new self-value behaviors that add significance to each aspect of your life.

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