APA Fact of the Week: Citing a Newsletter Article with No Author

APA Editing

Throughout the research process, you may come across a source that lists no author, but still contains relevant information to your study. Instead of using “Anonymous,” identify the reference by the title article.

Example Article (APA6, p. 200):

Six sites meet for comprehensive anti-gang initiative conference. (2006, November/December). OJJDP News @ a Glance. Retrieved from http://www.ncjrs.gov/html/ojjdp/news_at_glance/216684/topstory.html

  • When citing and alphabetizing sources without an author, use the first significant word presented in the title (in the case above, use “Six”).
  • For in-text citations, use a short title (or the full title if short enough) inserted in quotation marks: (“Six Sites Meet,” 2006).

In addition, the url for the article must be exact to help locate articles that may be difficult to find through the home page.

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