APA Fact of the Week: Block Quotations

APA Editing

Per APA, any quotations longer than 40 words must be formatted differently from the rest of the text. Writers and editors refer to these quotes as block quotations. The writer should properly introduce the quote in the text (e.g., Kieko found the following, ) before typing the actual quote. There are no quotation marks around a block quotation. Indent the entire length of the quote 0.5 inches. If a quote appears within the block quote, use double quotation marks. End the quote with proper punctuation, leaving the parenthetical citation information outside the punctuation. Some organization guidelines require single-spaced block quotations, so make sure to check your University or journal publication guidelines.

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APA guidelines call for the distinct format of block quotations to ensure the reader understands they are reading the words of someone other than the primary researcher. The following presents an example of a block quotation one might find in a qualitative study.

Sanders said:
Sometimes I think that being a leader is a special skill. For me, I am happiest when leading a team to victory. Of course, I didn’t get successful overnight. It took hard work, a lot of training, and patience. Each day I wake up and try to be better.