Almost 50% of all Doctoral Students Don’t Graduate

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The Council of Graduate Schools produced a study on the PhD completion and attrition.  The study looked at 49,000 students attending 30 institutions in 54 disciplines comprising 330 programs.  Astonishingly, the completion rate ten years after students begin their doctoral program remains low at 56.6%.

What does this mean? Well, first it means that after years graduate study, and thousands of dollars spent working towards your doctoral degree, 43.4% of students will not complete their program.  Think about that: almost half of all students don’t graduate.   As a result of these attrition rates, aggravated students have file numerous lawsuits and the feds have stepped in to provided new regulations proposed to protect students.

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During our 22 years of assisting graduate students through the dissertation process, one common theme keeps emerging: students lacked support services from their online universities.  Many of these students are working full-time, attending schools to improve their lives and those of their families.  Yet, despite their great spirit, spending a ton of money, they (and maybe you) are not getting the needed support.  As a company, we think it’s unacceptable!

What can you do?  NEVER GIVE UP.  Be resourceful and get the help you need to complete your degree and achieve your goals.  You aren’t limited by the minimal support that some students are receiving.  We’ve worked with students in your situation for years and we know what it takes to expedite the process to complete your dissertation.

Statistics Solutions exists to bridge the gap between the support provided by your university and the completion of your degree.  We know that with an experienced mentor at Statistics Solutions you can complete your degree, achieve your dreams, and graduate within your timeline.

The current completion rates of graduate students are unacceptable, students are maxing out their student loans, and we want that to change.   We encourage you to be resourceful and get the support you need. Whether you reach out to us, or find a different solution, know that your future is in your hands and it’s your duty to yourself to do everything in your power to ensure the time and money you have already invested were not invested in vain.

Yours in Success,

James Lani, PhD