Journal Publication

Why publish to a journal?

  • Journal articles take less time to write than books and are more readily available
  • Make your research more accessible to a wider audience
  • Build your reputation and increase your credibility as a researcher
  • Make contacts with other scholars in your field
  • Improve your prospects for employment or tenure track
  • Leave a record of research that can be built on by others – add to the body of literature

Statistics Solutions offers the following services for creating a periodical to be published:

  • Research various journals in the researcher’s specific field of study for either “call for papers,” which asks for articles to be written for a specific genre, or simply for author submission. Research includes researching the reputation of the journal, peer review process, longevity, number of articles, rejection rate, turnaround time, page limits, charges, and author’s rights.
  • Prepare a cover letter, and create an article using either a specific portion of the study or the entire study, including abstract, appropriate title, veracity of data, up-to-date and relevant sources, review of statistics for worthiness, and other necessary changes needed for submittal.

In many instances a journal will take up to 3 months to respond. We will carefully review   the peer-review comments (if any) and make any necessary revisions for resubmittal, or for consideration to other journals.

Your theses, dissertation or research study should not be a one-shot deal. Let us take your    study and mold it into an article that will be considered a valuable contribution to the body of literature to be shared by peers, colleagues, research scholars and the academic community.