5 Steps to Surviving Your Dissertation

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Are you feeling lost in the research process?  Take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Your professor is often busy and is not likely to provide all of the assistance you need.  Here are 5 steps to help you take control of your dissertation immediately.

  1. Make a Plan.  Divide your project into parts and set deadline for each part. Examples could be setting up deadlines for submission of each chapter of your final paper. Don’t just set deadlines to the due date, however. Set the milestones early, at least a week before the actual deadline to account for unplanned delays.
  2. Start Early.  It’s never to early to get started on your research. Even if you can’t conduct the actual study, stay ahead by doing all the background research you can. Do an extensive literature review and began preparing the first or second chapters of your study, which often explain the previous literature on the topic as well as the rationale for your study.
  3. Hire a Dissertation Consultant.  A consultant is an important asset to have early on in your project. Contrary to popular belief, dissertation consultants don’t just assist with the end stages of your research, such as statistical analysis or proofreading. A consultant advises you on the design of your study, ensuring your methods accurately test your hypothesis.
  4. Do it Now, Perfect it Later.  Don’t obsess over the details so much that you fail to put anything into concrete action. Perfectionism is not your friend at this point in this process. It’s better to complete the chapter, the analysis, or whatever part you are working on then to constantly drum up new ideas and never quite get anything completed. Focus on doing something now and using a first draft as motivation to find time to polish your work. Better yet, include revisions in your time schedule!
  5. Find SupportDuring the research and write-up process it’s important to stay connected. While you may not be able to maintain the 50/50 work/life balance that you desire, gain support from your academic comrades in the deep throws of writing as well. In lieu of movie night, set-up dissertation night in which you can all commiserate and complete work together.

A dissertation consultant is the perfect way to help you stay on track. We can guide you through the whole process or just stick around for the small details. Contact Statistics Solutions for an absolutely free 30 minute consultation today. There’s nothing to lose, as you’ll only gain insight into the dissertation process.


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