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Testing Your Elephant Beliefs

Posted March 6, 2013


This month I want to talk about elephants and testing out our beliefs. Elephants are known for their memory, but memory is not always a good thing.  For example, when the elephant was a baby, the owner could simply put a chain around the elephant’s foot, and the elephant stays put.  When the elephant grows older that same chain holds the elephant, even though with one tug the elephant can snap that chain.  The elephant hasn’t tested the old belief that he cannot break the chain—and neither have you.  You are stronger, wiser, with more experience, yet you hold on to the old assessments of your self-worth and abilities—you haven’t tested out the old beliefs.

So venture forward boldly, retest those old beliefs, and move confidently into your future!

Best Wishes,

Dr. James Lani

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