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We use our data analytics expertise - couched in statistical and experimental design - to assist our clients in achieving their goals.

So, whether you find yourself conducting academic research, or you require business solutions, Statistics Solutions has over two decades of experience that we use to work through your problem and find your best solution.

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Academic ExpertiseWe have provided the academic research community with ethical and reliable consulting for over two decades now.  So, whether you're conducting grant-related research, finishing up your thesis, or struggling through the Ph.D. process, our well-trained staff of professionals stand ready to help you.

And for those who feel unsure of what we have to offer, take comfort in knowing that we have helped over 5,000 people just like you get the results they needed.

Business SolutionsOur purpose is to make data analytics simple so you better understand how to use your data to make decisions and achieve your goals; our vision is to work with organizations and apply our statistical, experimental design to solve their biggest problems.

These guiding principles mean all of our business clients go through our time-tested, project-scoping process.  This way you know from the outset that we’ll work with you and your team to find the best solution together.

Intellectus Statistics™Intellectus Statistics™ is the first statistics package to dynamically interpret your statistical output in plain English.  In just minutes, users can easily manage their data, conduct analyses, and automatically draft their findings, complete with APA-formatted tables and figures.

Our cloud-based app even has pre-loaded statistical assumptions, making it an ideal resource for researchers, students, and statistics instructors alike.  Find out today what so many have already discovered: that there's a better way to understanding statistics.

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