Interpreting Tracked Changes

Statistical Interaction: More than the Sum of its Parts

Almost 50% of all Doctoral Students Don’t Graduate

The Council of Graduate Schools produced a study on the PhD completion and attrition.  The study looked at 49,000 students attending 30 institutions in 54 disciplines comprising 330 programs.  Astonishingly, the completion rate ten years after students begin their doctoral program remains low at 56.6%. What does this mean? Well, first it means that after

Avoiding Hurdles in Your IRB Application

Much Ado About Theories: Part 1

Participant Selection in Qualitative Research: Part 1

APA Fact of the Week – Concise Writing

Academic writing should be concise and clear. When APA editing a document, cut clutter and unnecessary words to make the finished product professional, polished, and clean. There are a several ways to write concisely without sacrificing valuable information. Eliminate words that do not carry meaning. Such words may include that, there is, unfortunately, and it

Know Your Verbs

The Title Says It All

What is confirmability in qualitative research and how do we establish it?

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