What is credibility in qualitative research and how do we establish it?

There’s Nothing Odd about the Odds Ratio: Interpreting Binary Logistic Regression

Establishing Significance of Your Study

Parallel Construction

When writing your dissertation, you must ensure that your sentences follow parallel construction, which is pertinent to clear and concise writing. For more information and examples of parallel construction, see APA6, Section 3.23. To enhance a reader’s understanding, present parallel ideas in parallel or coordinate form. Make certain that all elements of the parallelism are

How to Find and Identify Peer-reviewed Articles

Establishing a Gap

Hierarchical Linear Modeling vs. Hierarchical Regression

Pre-Analysis Data Screening

Telling Stories

If someone asked you who you are and where you see yourself going, you would tell them a story. The past might include many facts as you recalled them and the future story might be related to who you think you are and what you think is possible. Both are just stories. You see, people

Keep it Simple!

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