APA Fact of the Week: Colons

Punctuation makes writing easier to comprehend.  It lends meaning to words and gives the reader clues regarding the ideas the writer is expressing.  One commonly misused punctuation mark is the colon.  It is located on the keyboard with the semicolon, and is produced by pressing the shift key in combination with the semicolon key. A

Pride, Ethics, Trust, Too Early, and Money: What Stops You from Getting Support?

Recently, a prospective client told me he was not prepped for his comps, and sure enough, just 2 of 15 in his cohort (13%) passed their comps. I then asked if he was prepped for his dissertation. Nope. Well one doesn’t have to be a student of history to know how this story turns out.

The Art of the Semi-Structured Interview Part 2: Tips for a Successful Interview

In Part 1 of this blog series, I discussed how to develop an effective semi-structured interview protocol. In it, I gave pointers on developing your questions and your probing questions, and testing these with someone to ensure that they make sense. Here, I would like to turn to the interview itself, and provide you with

What’s in the Background?

Tips and Tricks for Time Management: Part 1

Cronbach’s Alpha

Can an Ordinal Likert Scale be a Continuous Variable?

What are Focus Group Interviews and Why Should I Conduct Them?

The Case of the Missing Reference

Capella Research Plan Section 5.4: Measurements/Instruments

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