The Chi-Square Test in Structural Equation Modeling

Anyone familiar with structural equation modeling (SEM) will know that there are a myriad of measures and indices that researchers may use to evaluate the fit of a model. Here, we will briefly highlight one particular assessment of model fit: the chi-square (χ2) test. The chi-square test is unique among possible the measures of fit

Tips for writing Qualitative Results when you don’t feel like writing

Listen to a Real Client Talk About Dissertation Help

Truth: Just over half (54%) of students complete their doctorate; we want ensure you’re in that group.  If you want a company that will provide substantive feedback, assist you in responding to committee or IRB comments, and provide the mentoring services that doc students need, then Statistics Solutions may be a good match for you.

APA Fact of the Week: Capitalization

Some of the capitalization rules in APA can be tricky, so please be aware of what the APA Manual outlines. For example, you must capitalize the titles of books and articles but only in the body of the paper and only the major words. A word under four letters should not be capitalized (APA6, p.

Staff Spotlight: James Lani

James Lani is the CEO and Founder of Statistics Solutions. He founded the company in 2003 and has been assisting students working on their dissertations ever since. What is your personal philosophy? I have to take full personal responsibility for everything that happens, from growing finger nails to being a successful entrepreneur and loving father.

Staff Spotlight: Crystal Miller

Staff Spotlight: Crystal Miller Crystal is one of our Senior Research Associates and has been a member of the Statistics Solutions Team since August of 2014. What is your personal philosophy? Make today better than yesterday! What’s one thing you couldn’t live without? Literature What is your favorite thing to do? My favorite thing to

Staff Spotlight: Hugo St. John III

Hugo is our VP of Business Development and has been a member of the Statistics Solutions Team since November of 2014. What is your personal philosophy? Involves always questioning, never settling, and seeking personal improvement, while also trying to better those around me. What’s one thing you couldn’t live without? Hmm… MUSIC, good music would be

Protected: Dissertation Workshop Presentation

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Navigating Graduate School

September 2013 Newsletter Well we’ve all been accepted into a graduate program, now we have to figure out how we can complete the program. And how do we complete the program with the least expense in terms of time and money? I see graduate school as three interconnected blocks: coursework, comprehensive exams, and the dissertation.

Refresh This Summer

During school, a lot of us don’t take a break.  Most people in the US have a type of Protestant work ethic of working hard and having our children live better than we did.  Self-reliant, preserving is the motto.  Vacation, relaxation, and time for contemplation is not part of this ethic.  Yet, we all have