Justifying Your Generic Qualitative Research Design

Qualitative Sampling Techniques

In qualitative research, there are various sampling techniques that you can use when recruiting participants. The two most popular sampling techniques are purposeful and convenience sampling because they align the best across nearly all qualitative research designs. Sampling techniques can be used in conjunction with one another very easily or can be used alone within

Qualitative References: Justifying Your Decisions

One of the most difficult parts of putting together a qualitative methodology is justifying your choices. While so many of the decisions that go into your study are ultimately yours to make, it can be difficult to find the foundational pieces that help you prove that those decisions make sense and have the necessary justification.

Walden Qualitative Checklist: Research Design and Rationale

Participant Selection in Qualitative Research: Part 1

What is transferability in qualitative research and how do we establish it?