Computer-Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS)

Qualitative Data Coding

Choosing a Qualitative Data Analysis Plan

Participant Selection in Qualitative Research: Part 1

What is credibility in qualitative research and how do we establish it?

Interpreting Your Results: The Role of the Literature Review

Trials and Tribulations of Dissertations and a Methodology and Results Chapter Game Changer

In this newsletter, I will talk about the dissertation process, and how this process can be made more humane.  The barriers to completing the dissertation are institutional, preparedness issues, and personal.  To overcome these stumbling blocks I’ll discuss academic tools and resources to move you forward. Institutional barriers.  Not many graduate students go through the

The Law of the Farm and Your Dissertation

Too often in our undergraduate years we’ve learned to cram for school and tests.  You may have procrastinated all semester, and then pulled all-nighters for the final paper or test.  Cramming is antithetical to the law of the farm.  The Law of the Farm essentially says that to be a farmer, you have to plan,

Qualitative Data

Thematizing and three coding types (open, axial, and selective) Thematizing refers to the analysis of interview responses. To analyze the interview responses, data is analyzed for the presence of themes.  Interview responses can be examined multiple times on an overall basis OR  on responses per interview question to identify the themes. Typically, if agreement, or

Goals, CRAP, and the Marx Brothers

Happy New Year to you all!  The New Year is a time of retrospection and to set goals for 2013.  I like Winston Churchill’s quote that, “success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”  So, you may have had some success over the past year—don’t lose your enthusiasm to be engaged