Margin of Error

What is the margin of error in statistics?  It’s about guesses, confidence, and probability.  Guesses over time tend to fall in ranges of values; the ranges help us achieve a degree of confidence; and how confident we are time and again can be described by a percentage of probability.  Margins, like the margins of this

The Law of the Farm and Your Dissertation

Too often in our undergraduate years we’ve learned to cram for school and tests.  You may have procrastinated all semester, and then pulled all-nighters for the final paper or test.  Cramming is antithetical to the law of the farm.  The Law of the Farm essentially says that to be a farmer, you have to plan,

Sugar Plums and Sample Size Blues

Its Christmas time again, and a good time to plan getting your dissertation completed, and that pesky scientific merit review, IRB application, concept paper, and dissertation proposal meeting. In the spirit of completing these tasks, there is a consistent problem that I find: graduate students struggle with the sample size determination. [Read More]


Probability is a value that specifies whether or not an event is likely to happen. The value generally lies between zero to one. If an event comes out to be zero, then that event would be considered successful. If an event comes out to be one, then that event would be considered a failure. Statistics

Discrete Probability Distribution

There are basically two types of random variables, called continuous and discrete random variables. We shall discuss the probability distribution of the discrete random variable. The discrete random variable is defined as the random variable that is countable in nature, like the number of heads, number of books, etc. Statistics Solutions is the country’s leader