Beautiful Questions

Poetry is a spiritual path for me, and Rumi and David Whyte language that path.  So, when David Whyte came to Florida this past weekend, I of course went to go see him.  During his reading, he spoke about asking “beautiful questions.”  Beautiful questions are questions that open-up imaginal horizons to walk towards; they start

Our Personal Shadow

             You must go into the dark in order to bring forth your light While December is filled with holidays and joyful activities, it’s also wintertime.  And winter is a time to look at the darker side of us, the shadow parts of us to get a fuller picture of who we are.  So here’s


We may not like to be reminded of this, but being human necessarily means we will face pain at some point during our journey through this world. One cannot avoid this simple truth, be you smart or ignorant; pretty or not; rich or poor; spiritually endowed or secular. Fortunately, we know that the sooner you

Alpha Brain Waves

I love the Goose and the Golden Egg fable, the moral of which is, if you want golden eggs take care of the goose. One way to take care of our goose is to activate our alpha brain waves. Alpha brain waves are electrical oscillations in our brain’s activity. Like the sine-wave that we learned

Living via Eternal Recurrence

Eternal recurrence means that every time you choose an action, you must be willing to choose it for all eternity. And it is the same for every action not made, every stillborn thought, every choice avoided. And all unlived life will remain bulging inside you, unlived through all eternity. And the unheeded voice of your


Over the years, I’ve worked with thousands of Ph.D. candidates and dozens of businesses, and although each one, ultimately, got to where they needed to be, their paths and approaches always seemed to fluctuate. Consistently, there have been those clients who seemed to take everything in stride, moving moment-to-moment as if life were a dance

Get Quiet, Stay Attuned

With January behind us, and hopefully our resolutions still intact, it’s time to reflect on any positive momentum we’ve built over the past month.  While most of us understand the need to take meaningful time out of our hectic lives to sit and reflect, few of us do this at regular intervals, and even fewer

Before you have, you must do; Before you do, you must be

While at my annual cousins’ party this weekend, I was reminded of a little bit of wisdom I had read many years before.  At first, I didn’t recognize it, as if it were flitting around waiting for me to see it, like a dragonfly skimming the top of a lake before alighting on a water

The Flywheel of Our Lives

Happy New Year to you all—what a year 2015 will be! There are minds to persuade and hearts to touch, so let’s get started with a familiar exercise. For many, grade school instilled a tradition that dictates how, with every New Year, individuals must create various goals to achieve. We term these goals New Year

Breathing as a Bridge between You and Your Committee

Recently I went to a dance event called Diavolo at the Straz Center in Tampa where I live. These performers are dancers, gymnasts, athletes, and acrobats. While completely impressed with their strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular capacity, I was struck with their teamwork. How did they trust each other, know when to hold on, when to