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The Implication of Implications

How to Fill out a Walden Checklist

Managing Chair Feedback

The Importance of Staying on Task

Dissertation Topic: Establishing a Gap

Breathing as a Bridge between You and Your Committee

Recently I went to a dance event called Diavolo at the Straz Center in Tampa where I live. These performers are dancers, gymnasts, athletes, and acrobats. While completely impressed with their strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular capacity, I was struck with their teamwork. How did they trust each other, know when to hold on, when to

Shadow Work

Do you have blind spots? Professionally? Interpersonally? Even educationally? Did you know that we have a literal blind spot in our sight? Physically speaking, where the optic nerve recedes from our eyes to our brain, there are no rod or cone photo-receptors. This results in a circular blacked-out spot (literally a blind spot) in our

Our Greatest Fear

After the recent Super Bowl, I heard Russell Wilson, the Seahawk’s winning quarterback, retell the story of he and his late father who said to him, “Why not you?”  Russel thought, “Why not me?” and “why not us in the Super Bowl?” Russell thought.  Somewhere in Russell’s belief system he felt deserving or as deserving

Thesis Statement – Definition and Guidelines

Too many graduate students these days are entering the culture of higher learning without the skills they need. Even if you went to a top University most, probably all, of your papers were graded by an over-worked graduate student who needed to get through a mountain of grading overnight. Once you got into graduate school