How to Annotate Articles for Your Literature Review

What to do When the Assumptions of Your Analysis are Violated

APA Fact of the Week: That vs. Which

Students writing their dissertations often confuse their usage of the words that and which with each other. While both are relative pronouns, meaning they introduce an element subordinate to the main clause, the kinds of clauses these pronouns may introduce differ per APA guidelines. APA6 (2010, p. 83) explained: Clauses introduced by that are called

Breathing as a Bridge between You and Your Committee

Recently I went to a dance event called Diavolo at the Straz Center in Tampa where I live. These performers are dancers, gymnasts, athletes, and acrobats. While completely impressed with their strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular capacity, I was struck with their teamwork. How did they trust each other, know when to hold on, when to

Our Greatest Fear

After the recent Super Bowl, I heard Russell Wilson, the Seahawk’s winning quarterback, retell the story of he and his late father who said to him, “Why not you?”  Russel thought, “Why not me?” and “why not us in the Super Bowl?” Russell thought.  Somewhere in Russell’s belief system he felt deserving or as deserving

Video Tutorial: Statistics Solutions Online Membership

This video gives a quick tutorial on how to use the Statistics Solutions Online Membership

MLQ Leadership Styles

The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) is a popular survey instrument used to examine leadership. At the end of the survey, three MLQ leadership styles are created: transformational, transactional, and passive avoidant leadership. Often times, researchers wish to classify their MLQ participants into being one leadership type. However, this isn’t realistically possible due to how the

Determining Sample Size

Getting the most out of surveys requires a few prerequisites. One prerequisite is understanding and determining sample size. It’s funny, our clients typically think they either have too many participants or too few participants, but rarely ask how one calculates the appropriate sample size. The sample size requirement for surveys is important issue in at

What is a Dissertation Consultant and What Can They Do?

You know your topic, the experiment, and have researched it thoroughly. But, then you get to the results. Is it linear regression or ANOVA? Figuring out which statistics to use for your dissertation is no easy feat.  Even more, without a thorough understanding of statistics, you are missing out on important findings that you may

Reliability and Validity