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How to choose between quantitative vs. qualitative methods: Part 2

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APA Fact of the Week: That vs. Which

Students writing their dissertations often confuse their usage of the words that and which with each other. While both are relative pronouns, meaning they introduce an element subordinate to the main clause, the kinds of clauses these pronouns may introduce differ per APA guidelines. APA6 (2010, p. 83) explained: Clauses introduced by that are called

Saying YES to Your Goals

In the 2008 movie YES MAN, Jim Carrey plays a withdrawn guy since his divorce and sees the world negatively.  After an inspirational seminar, he starts saying “yes” to life and the real life adventure begins.  He starts a relationship, and begins changing the world around him (e.g, helps a guy not commit suicide, starts

7 Essential Considerations for your Qualitative Research Project

Individuals choose their study methodology based on their familiarity with a given method. In contrast, data analysis methods should be based on the questions your research will address. Before choosing a method of analysis, review the 7 essential considerations below to find out if qualitative research is the right choice for your study and how to