Recognizing Components of an APA-Style Statistical Report

Microsoft Word Proofing Options: How to Make Word Automatically Find Errors

Give Me a (Page) Break

Maintaining APA Format for Tables

APA Fact of the Week: Colons

Punctuation makes writing easier to comprehend.  It lends meaning to words and gives the reader clues regarding the ideas the writer is expressing.  One commonly misused punctuation mark is the colon.  It is located on the keyboard with the semicolon, and is produced by pressing the shift key in combination with the semicolon key. A

The Case of the Missing Reference

Economy of Expression

Secondary Sources

APA Fact of the Week – Concise Writing

Academic writing should be concise and clear. When APA editing a document, cut clutter and unnecessary words to make the finished product professional, polished, and clean. There are a several ways to write concisely without sacrificing valuable information. Eliminate words that do not carry meaning. Such words may include that, there is, unfortunately, and it