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Avoiding Bias: APA’s General Guidelines

APA Fact of the Week: Block Quotations

Per APA, any quotations longer than 40 words must be formatted differently from the rest of the text. Writers and editors refer to these quotes as block quotations. The writer should properly introduce the quote in the text (e.g., Kieko found the following, ) before typing the actual quote. There are no quotation marks around

Avoiding Plagiarism

Using Direct Quotes in your Dissertation

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Reporting Statistics in APA Format

Using Relative Pronouns in APA

Parallel Construction

When writing your dissertation, you must ensure that your sentences follow parallel construction, which is pertinent to clear and concise writing. For more information and examples of parallel construction, see APA6, Section 3.23. To enhance a reader’s understanding, present parallel ideas in parallel or coordinate form. Make certain that all elements of the parallelism are