Checking for Influential Data Points in Regression Analyses

Thematic Analysis

The Various Forms of ANOVA

Should you use a one-tailed test or a two-tailed test for your data analysis?

What to do When the Assumptions of Your Analysis are Violated

Video Tutorial: Statistics Solutions Online Membership

This video gives a quick tutorial on how to use the Statistics Solutions Online Membership

The Power of Power Analysis

How can power analysis help us in designing our method?  Isn’t significance enough?  Not really.  Significance only tells us how unlikely a Type II error would be, given our method—we may still have a potential Type I error.  As well, something can be significant, and not be important.  Cohen (1992) has long argued that significance

Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient, The Most Commonly Used Bivariate Correlation

It is difficult to understate the value of the correlation coefficient to descriptive statistics.  Use of the term “correlation coefficient” is almost always a short-hand phrase for the Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient.  There are several other well known correlation coefficients such as Spearman’s rho rank correlation coefficient but it usually a safe assumption the correlation

Tools to Expedite Your Proposal, IRB, and Results

Back in the mid-90’s I began as assisting masters’ students with the statistics.  The students came from many disciplines and it was fun to sit in a coffee shop and crunch through research questions.  Then came my own master’s thesis and my own dissertation.  Whatever could take longer did take longer.  While I’m proud of

7 Essential Considerations for your Qualitative Research Project

Individuals choose their study methodology based on their familiarity with a given method. In contrast, data analysis methods should be based on the questions your research will address. Before choosing a method of analysis, review the 7 essential considerations below to find out if qualitative research is the right choice for your study and how to