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Love Your Dissertation

Fall back in love with your research and learn to love the dissertation process. How? The same way you began your doctoral journey, with dedicated motivation and purpose! Procrastination is a killer of progress for most graduate students, so our February theme is about honing your intellectual passion to create the dissertation progress you’ve been

Dominate Your Dissertation in 2020

Welcome, 2020! What are you going to do with this shiny, new decade? Will you complete your dissertation this year, or will you struggle for the next few years while you burnyourself out? Here are some tips on how to avoid the latter. Inside Higher ED says setting deadlines early in the dissertation process is imperative

Graduate Next Year

The holiday season is upon us and our to-do list seems to be growing exponentially each day. In the midst of gift wrapping, dinner planning, and ugly holiday sweaters, are you achieving dissertation progress? Let’s take a moment to ground ourselves in the last few weeks of 2019 and then get ready to reach for

Turn Rejection into Motivation

Rejection hurts and failures are difficult to get over. As a PhD candidate, chances are, you have experienced rejection and failure at some point along your doctoral journey. Caitlin Kirby from Michigan State University wore her rejections from over the last 4 years as a badge of honor. Kirby walked into her oral dissertation defense with a

Picture Dissertation Success

What if your dissertation struggles didn’t have to be all-consuming? Instead of spending countless hours going back and forth with your committee feedback, what if you could spend that time constructively working with a seasoned mentor that knows how to get your chapter approved? That’s exactly the type of effective support you will find with

Life After PhD

Few things beat the feeling of being on track, on time, or in control of the situation. For a PhD candidate who has dedicated years to classroom-style learning, undergone rigorous testing, and spent thousands of dollars on education, the dissertation is the last hurdle before graduation and the exciting feeling of accomplishment that comes with

Moving Forward with Your Dissertation

“Dissertations are a marathon, not a race.” “Where there’s a will there’s a way.” “Without sacrifice, there will be no victory.” “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” At some point during your dissertation journey, you’ve either heard some of these clichés or even said them internally while trying to find your dissertation

Avoid Potential Dissertation Roadblocks

There’s lots of potential roadblocks to finishing your dissertation. The one that I think is demoralizing is the revisions process. There are several reasons revisions can go on for a bit. Firstly, let’s face it, this is your first and last dissertation, so you don’t know the process. It takes a while to understand what

The Search Function Is Your Best Friend: Part 1