Section 7 – IRB / URR



Dissertation Timeline | Section 4 – INTRODUCTION

Dissertation Timeline | Section 3 – PROSPECTUS / CONCEPT PAPER

Dissertation Timeline | Section 2 – Research Plan/SMR

Dissertation Timeline | Section 1 – BEGINNING

Staying On Track | Dissertation Timeline

Section 1 – BEGINNING Your research certainly needs to fill a gap in the literature, but when forming your set of potential topics, your driving motivation should be identifying ones that you know are doable; trust that, for at least one of the brainstormed topics, you will find a gap to justify your research in

Your Guide to a Positive and Productive Semester

In what feels like a blink of an eye, it is September and we are back to school. The start of the fall semester finds us all in a unique predicament, where dissertation and academic progress is still expected but under quite different guidelines than what we are accustomed to. We are seeing significant changes,

The Psychology of Error: Avoiding Negative Impressions

My graduate mentor told me that there are things outside of our control when writing and doing academic work, and that is precisely why it is so important to pay special attention to the things that are in our control. This covers many aspects of work, but I want to talk about the importance of

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