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We are dissertation experts with over 22 years of experience virtually providing dissertation assistance to graduate students. We specialize in prospectus and concept paper assistance, proposal assistance, introduction chapter, literature review, methodology chapter, results, discussion, IRB/URR application, and defense prep. We have quantitative statisticians as well as qualitative analysts that can assist with most research approaches.

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Support through Statistics Solutions ensures a less stressful dissertation process with fewer revisions and feedback, effectively cutting down the amount of time you’ll need to be in school while writing your dissertation. Less time in school means less tuition and more money back in your pocket.

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The first step to getting dissertation assistance is to schedule your free 30-minute initial consultation to speak with a dissertation expert. Use the calendar to the left to select a convenient time and date.

During your call, we’ll gain an understanding of your specific needs and timeframe in order to provide you with a breakdown of our services, as well as a quote for assistance and a turnaround time. If you’re just starting out, or don’t know how to start, that’s fine too. We can help!