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Operational Police Stress Questionnaire (PSQ-Op)

The 20-item Operational Police Stress Questionnaire (PSQ-Op) was created to measure one of the most common stressors for police officers; operational stress. The relationship between stress and work has been a rising topic for discussion and research over the past few years. Stress related to work is taking a toll on the employees as well

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Organizational Police Stress Questionnaire (PSQ-Org)

The Organizational Police Stress Questionnaire (PSQ-Org) is a 20-item measure created to monitor one of the most stressful occupations in North America; policing. Reduced productivity, absenteeism, and employee turnovers are all stress-related issues that may negatively affect employers with burnt-out employees. The Organizational Police Stress Questionnaire (PSQ-Org) not only measures police stress, but also psychometrically

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Multiracial Challenges and Resilience Scale

The Multiracial Challenges and Resilience Scale (MCRS) was developed using a nationwide internet sample of multiracial, urban adults. The development of this scale and the use of exploratory factor analyses showed four challenge factors and two resilience factors. The challenge factors being: lack of family acceptance, others’ surprise and disbelief regarding racial heritage, challenges with

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Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC)

The Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC) was created to address aspects of resilience and for use in clinical practice. Resilience is considered as the capacity to overcome adversity. The CD-RISC is a 25 item scale that has been studied in a variety of populations such as, members of different ethnic groups and cultures, Alzheimer’s caregivers, adolescents,

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The Survey of Perceived Organizational Support (SPOS)

The Survey of Perceived Organizational Support (SPOS) is a one-dimensional measure of the general belief held by an employee that the organization is committed to him or her, values their continued membership, and is generally concerned about their well-being. The SPOS refers to the employers perception of how valuable their employee is. An organization is

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Campbell Organizational Survey (COS7)

The Campbell Organizational Survey (COS7) measures different dimensions of employee attitudes toward their work environment. This self-report instrument was developed to find sources of satisfaction or dissatisfaction in the workplace, diagnosing problems in work teams, and patterns of workplace attitude over time. Participants are asked to reposed to 44-items with a 6-point scale. COS7 includes

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