Directory of Survey Instruments

Statistics Solutions is experienced in working with masters’ and doctoral candidates on implementing survey instruments during the formation of their thesis or dissertation.  A survey instrument is necessary in testing the hypotheses and creating data useful for statistical analyses.

When searching for a survey instrument for your data analysis, you may find that common survey instruments are vague and difficult to relate to your hypotheses.  The professionals at Statistics Solutions can provide consulting services that help you through this process.

Statistics Solutions has developed a directory of survey instruments that we frequently use.  Each survey instrument’s page includes a description, references, and a link to purchase the instrument directly from the author.

The survey instrument directory is listed to your right by category.  These listings were created by Statistics Solutions, not by the authors directly.  For further information about a survey instrument, please contact the author of that instrument.

The professionals at Statistics Solutions have experience with the surveys listed as well as many others in a variety of research subjects.  Our statisticians can assist with finding a sample, collecting the data, coding the data, and analyzing the results.

Individual authorization from the author is required in order to administer any of the surveys listed above.  To administer these surveys; it is the sole responsibility of the researcher to obtain authorizations.

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