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Transform Raw Data into Written, Interpreted Paired t-test Results in Seconds

Interpreting raw t-test output challenges most students. The Intellectus Statistics tool simplifies this process.  The tool transforms raw data into written, interpreted output in seconds.

Watch how to easily run a paired t-test in Intellectus Statistics.

“Intellectus Statistics has been an incredibly valuable resource to move from data to data analysis.”    John M., Professor

Complete these 3 easy steps:

1. Upload data

2. Select paired t-test and enter variables

3. Download paired t-test results

What You Get:

Interpreted t-test results in plain English, complete with APA tables and figures for easy understanding and reporting.

Exclusive Intellectus tool access for 14 days.

Comprehensive PDF guide – Step-by-step guide to paired t-test.

View example of output below.