Many business decisions become crystal-clear once the appropriate data has been collected, analyzed and presented. Statistics Solutions has helped organizations—manufacturers, marketing companies, educational systems and more—develop, implement, and analyze data for various research studies.

Our work begins when we help define the problem, often putting it in statistical terms. From there, we design a way to collect and analyze the data, and then present findings and action-oriented recommendations in a way that helps companies make good decisions. Some of the questions we’ve helped answer are:

  • What data should we be collecting and how is it best organized?
  • How can we increase our customer base?
  • Why are we losing so many customers?
  • What are the profiles of our most profitable customers?
  • What’s the right marketing mix for our product?
  • Is the survey instrument we’re using reliable and valid?

Many businesses don’t have the in-house resources to generate the research findings needed to drive actionable decisions. For these organizations, Statistics Solutions becomes a valued resource that can cost-effectively provide that expertise.