Beginning the Dissertation & Thesis Process

The Dissertation Template

The Dissertation Template is a 24-page outline that lays out the critical components of a dissertation with detailed descriptions of these parts to help the doctoral student understand how to complete each chapter.  The template is written to comply with university compliance requirements. The Dissertation Template includes: table of contents, page numbering, average word count per section, chapter guides, APA 6th edition formatting, automatic bookmarks (clickable to section), and definition of terms.

Interactive Dissertation Timeline

The Interactive Dissertation Timeline can be used in planning the dissertation development process.  This information has been generated from over 20 years of experience in assisting Ph.D. candidates with their dissertations.  Please keep in mind that this timeline is to be used as a loose estimate; you should always refer to your chairperson/committee for setting completion dates.  Dr. James Lani has also included a detailed description of each major stage of the dissertation development and his professional suggestions on how to best complete them in a timely manner.

Goal Visualization Timeline

The Goal Visualization Timeline is an editable, visual guide to track your research tasks and timeframe.  A perfect way to set and track your research goals.  This downloadable document list the tasks involved in completing your dissertation or thesis from committee selection through your final defense.  You simply enter the week that you would like to start each task and the length of time that you believe each task will take.  Your goals are then visualized on the resulting chart.  You can use this chart as a visual aid to assist you in keeping on track with your dissertation or thesis.