Intellectus Statistics: Available Analyses

The current analyses available in Intellectus StatisticsĀ are: Descriptive Statistics-Calculates frequencies and percentages for selected nominal and ordinal variables. Calculates means and standard deviations fro selected scale variables. Cronbach’s Alpha-Examines the extent to which a set of scale level variables are consistently scored. Chi-Square Test of Independence-Compares the observed frequencies to expected frequencies of two nominal

Sugar Plums and Sample Size Blues

Its Christmas time again, and a good time to plan getting your dissertation completed, and that pesky scientific merit review, IRB application, concept paper, and dissertation proposal meeting. In the spirit of completing these tasks, there is a consistent problem that I find: graduate students struggle with the sample size determination. [Read More]

Sign Test

There are non parametric tests or methods that are used in cases when the parametric test is not in use. One of the non parametric tests is the sign test. This non parametric test is used to test the null hypothesis that is assumed and says that the median of the distribution is equal to