How Predictable: Part II – Interpreting the Regression Analysis

Reporting Statistics in APA Format

Intellectus Statistics: Available Analyses

The current analyses available in Intellectus Statistics are: Descriptive Statistics-Calculates frequencies and percentages for selected nominal and ordinal variables. Calculates means and standard deviations fro selected scale variables. Cronbach’s Alpha-Examines the extent to which a set of scale level variables are consistently scored. Chi-Square Test of Independence-Compares the observed frequencies to expected frequencies of two nominal

Preparing Your Data For Statistics Solutions Pro

SPSS data file preparation Excel data file preparation

The differences in most common statistical analyses

Correlation vs. Regression vs. Mean Differences  Inferential (parametric and non-parametric) statistics are conducted when the goal of the research is to draw conclusions about the statistical significance of the relationships and/or differences among variables of interest.   The “relationships” can be tested in different statistically ways, depending on the goal of the research.  The three

Sugar Plums and Sample Size Blues

Its Christmas time again, and a good time to plan getting your dissertation completed, and that pesky scientific merit review, IRB application, concept paper, and dissertation proposal meeting. In the spirit of completing these tasks, there is a consistent problem that I find: graduate students struggle with the sample size determination. [Read More]

Best Subsets Regression

Best subsets regression is an exploratory model building regression analysis.  It compares all possible models that can be created based upon an identified set of predictors.  The results presented for best subsets, by default in Minitab, show the two best models for one predictor, two predictors, three predictors, and so on for the number of

Principles, Values, Context and the Dissertation Process

To get what you want out of life, you have to align your values with the principles of the world. Values are what you consider important, and they may or may not be unique to you. You may believe that pain is bad and to be avoided at all costs, while others may believe that pain is an opportunity for a lesson and that it allows you to become stronger. Principles are fundamental truths about the world…[Read More]