Qualitative Data

Thematizing and three coding types (open, axial, and selective) Thematizing refers to the analysis of interview responses. To analyze the interview responses, data is analyzed for the presence of themes.  Interview responses can be examined multiple times on an overall basis OR  on responses per interview question to identify the themes. Typically, if agreement, or

Sugar Plums and Sample Size Blues

Its Christmas time again, and a good time to plan getting your dissertation completed, and that pesky scientific merit review, IRB application, concept paper, and dissertation proposal meeting. In the spirit of completing these tasks, there is a consistent problem that I find: graduate students struggle with the sample size determination. [Read More]

Factor Analysis

Factor analysis is a class of procedures that allow the researcher to observe a group of variables that tend to be correlated to each other and identify the underlying dimensions that explain these correlations. In other words, it is a class of procedures that are primarily used for data reduction and data summarization. For assistance