Integrating Literature into your Discussion

Our Greatest Fear

After the recent Super Bowl, I heard Russell Wilson, the Seahawk’s winning quarterback, retell the story of he and his late father who said to him, “Why not you?”  Russel thought, “Why not me?” and “why not us in the Super Bowl?” Russell thought.  Somewhere in Russell’s belief system he felt deserving or as deserving

Dos and Don’ts to Presenting Your Dissertation Proposal

Congratulations – you are on the brink of achieving a major milestone in the dissertation process! Scheduling your dissertation proposal presentation with your committee is a great accomplishment. For some, presenting this project is a scary feat. Here are some tips to help you: Do: 1. Remember you know this research! You have been working

Dissertation Chairs as Head Chefs

Dissertation chairpersons should be like head chefs—directing the doctorate student (the line cook) and the rest of the prep-chefs in the kitchen (i.e., the committee members).  But too often, the head chef defers his or her responsibility to the committee members (methodologists, statisticians members, or others).  This is very confusing for dissertation students as too

Principles, Values, Context and the Dissertation Process

To get what you want out of life, you have to align your values with the principles of the world. Values are what you consider important, and they may or may not be unique to you. You may believe that pain is bad and to be avoided at all costs, while others may believe that pain is an opportunity for a lesson and that it allows you to become stronger. Principles are fundamental truths about the world…[Read More]

Dealing With Committee and IRB Issues? You Are Not Alone!

Admit it—the dissertation process can be challenging. The challenge is in part exacerbated by the process. For example, this morning I spoke with a frustrated client about the six weeks to find a chairperson, eight weeks for the IRB process, and the $4,000 a quarter she was paying in the meantime—yikes! [Read More]