Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient, The Most Commonly Used Bivariate Correlation

It is difficult to understate the value of the correlation coefficient to descriptive statistics.  Use of the term “correlation coefficient” is almost always a short-hand phrase for the Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient.  There are several other well known correlation coefficients such as Spearman’s rho rank correlation coefficient but it usually a safe assumption the correlation

When to use descriptive Statistics to answer RQs

Descriptive statistics are the appropriate analyses when the goal of the research is to present the participants’ responses to survey items in order to address the research questions.  There are no hypotheses in descriptive statistics. ·     Descriptive statistics include: frequencies and percentages for categorical (ordinal and nominal) data; and averages (means, medians, and/or ranges) and

Principles, Values, Context and the Dissertation Process

To get what you want out of life, you have to align your values with the principles of the world. Values are what you consider important, and they may or may not be unique to you. You may believe that pain is bad and to be avoided at all costs, while others may believe that pain is an opportunity for a lesson and that it allows you to become stronger. Principles are fundamental truths about the world…[Read More]