Avoiding Bias: APA’s General Guidelines

Avoiding Plagiarism

Using Direct Quotes in your Dissertation

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Reporting Statistics in APA Format

Using Relative Pronouns in APA

APA Fact of the Week – Reference List

A key aspect of your dissertation is the reference list.  The reference list includes the sources you consult in the process of researching for your dissertation, which prevents plagiarizing that information and increases your credibility as a researcher.  In order for source information to be clear to your reader, follow the guidelines in the APA

APA Fact of the Week: Capitalization

Some of the capitalization rules in APA can be tricky, so please be aware of what the APA Manual outlines. For example, you must capitalize the titles of books and articles but only in the body of the paper and only the major words. A word under four letters should not be capitalized (APA6, p.

APA Fact of the Week – Anchors of a Scale

A common error I come across when editing dissertations is the presentation of anchors of a scale, or scale information in general.  When discussing the anchors of a scale involved in your study, such as a Likert-type style, APA prefers those anchors to be presented in parentheses and italicized, following the anchor numbers (APA6, p.

APA Fact of the Week: Nouns Followed by Numerals of Letters

APA Style lists various style formats to follow when writing a dissertation, some of which may not seem obvious or necessary. These formatting requirements ensure consistency and bring your writing to a more academic standard. One such example is the use of nouns followed by numerals or letters. APA6 states to, “capitalize nouns followed by