Nietzsche Reading the Upanishads and Living Through the Lens of Maurice Sendek

Sometimes it’s easy to believe that outside forces and lack of resources control and create our lives.  Living in this belief, excuses for failures, such as lack of talent, money, genetics, or the right environment arise.  I don’t believe that, and you shouldn’t either! Nietzsche is a favorite philosopher of mine who famously said, “He

Use the Power of Your Brain to Reconnect

My sister has been living in the same house in Chicago for over 30 years, and most of the neighbors have been there that long too.  Behind them is a family with an adult child named Brenda.  Brenda is a 27-year old, bright woman, who evidently has been bed ridden for the past 4 years,

Your Mission in Life

Why are you here?  Have you ever really thought about that?  Did you know that your mission and meaning in life is your priority?  Think about that for a moment. As Viscott said, meaning is derived by identifying your gifts, developing them, and then returning them. Identify gifts.  The wonderful news is that your gifts

Staff Spotlight: Nicole Crevar

Staff Spotlight: Nicole Crevar Nicole is our APA Editor and has been a member of the Statistics Solutions team since August of 2014. What is your personal philosophy? Live my life with a smile, or con una sonrisa! What’s one thing/person you couldn’t live without? My sister. What is your favorite thing to do? Cooking

Focus on Your Success

As the holiday season quickly approaches it is easier than ever to set your dissertation aside and get lost in the mix of shopping, parties, and events. While these may seem like welcome distractions, it is important to stay focused and on track. Let’s make sure that when we arrive in 2016 you have made

Tools to Expedite Your Proposal, IRB, and Results

Back in the mid-90’s I began as assisting masters’ students with the statistics.  The students came from many disciplines and it was fun to sit in a coffee shop and crunch through research questions.  Then came my own master’s thesis and my own dissertation.  Whatever could take longer did take longer.  While I’m proud of